Monday, February 20, 2006

A Mountain Fix

On a Saturday morning in February, the view was spectacular from the warmth of an SUV climbing a mountain road through Guenella Pass in Colorado. We'd started the day with hazelnut coffee and fresh bagels, witnessing the slice of life that passes through a local coffee shop on a Saturday morning! What a story I could write, just watching the mix of people at that place. There was fresh snow on the ground, a temperature that held around 12 degrees and very little wind...a beautiful blue sky, and a trio of "work weary" souls, in need of the peace that only a trip to the mountains can give you. Our first stop was Georgetown, and a candy store full of homemade taffy and chocolate and coconut confections that set our mouths to watering. Next stop...the espresso shop called "Mad Mikes" for fresh brewed hot Americano, and some affection from a huge black dog named Ben. Off we set...determined to make it up and over the Pass....and a mere 1 1/2 hours later, we emerged on the other side...having to kick the SUV into 4 wheel only once. We were treated to peaceful quiet...very little traffic, a multitude of winged friends, face tingling fresh air, the sight of a new backwoods sport we'd not seen yet (para - boarding...more on that later) and one of the most relaxing, joy filled mornings I can remember as of late! This is one winter trip I'd highly recommend..but to make it complete, don't forgo the trip through the quaint little village of Georgetown and the stop at the local candy store....a little sugar makes any day a little brighter! Posted by Picasa

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