Thursday, April 19, 2007


One of the greatest sounds of all, is utter, complete silence.

I watched a Blue Heron dance along a creek today, and knew there was no place I'd rather be. He stood, silent and timeless, patient in his search for his mid day meal. I stopped to focus my camera and listen, and was reminded again about what I love, living in the country. No where in the city can you hear the sounds of wind. Never in my life have I listened to joy as I have when listening to a rainstorm move along a cornfield. What simple joy there is in the sounds of silence. Nothing in a restaurant compares to the taste of wheat, picked and chewed fresh in the wheat field or asparagus, snapped off in your own garden and munched as you sit on a bench, laughing at the crazy antics of the bickering robins, splashing in the birdbath. What this crazy, mixed up world needs is to take a step back from it's technology and constant, sense bombarding noises and continuous push for perfection and sit awhile in it's own garden. To pause and allow nature, in all it's simple glory, to remind us about what's right and good, about the "shoulds and should nots", about the "mights and coulds". I hope you take the time to find a simple joy like this of your own. May it saturate your day in awe.

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