Thursday, June 21, 2007

If these roses could talk.....

...Oh what a tale they'd tell! Growing for over 100 years, handed down, slip by slip, from generation to generation....traveling state to state, city to city, divided and shared so all could have a taste of home to take with them. They've survived hard times and flourished in the good times. They've grown through births and deaths, marriages and divorces. Shared by a brother, planted to grow tall in the sun on a trellis made by loving hands, this vintage treasure hid her blooms for the first two years. And now what a sight to see....deep pink bloom after bloom, with a fragrance strong and distinct, rich green leaves and firm, curved thorns, all too eager to pierce tender skin as we reach to clip a bloom for the table. A treasured family heirloom standing tall in the sun, with a history grown as deep as it's roots, needing only sun and water and love to keep it going. Old roses have few of the qualities of today's roses....not the shape or the color or the long blooming periods. What they do have is a sweet fragrance and a connection to our past, full of stories all it's own. Again, life lessons learned from this simple joy, in all it's glory, in our own backyard!

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