Monday, September 10, 2007


Some lives blossom most beautifully in the evening of life.

Late summer evenings....just before fall arrives....are my favorite. In the midwest, this is "open the windows, dig out the long sleeves, find your favorite soup recipe " time. Evenings full of beauty as the setting sun touches the last blooms of summer plants. Simple joys surround me on my evening walks now. The roar of lawn mowers now replaced with the rustles of drying cornstalks. Whispy ferns and lush green leaves now make way for rust and gold and purple mums. Grass, once again green, recovering from the sweltering heat of August. Skies, bleached white in the summer sun, now a brilliant blue, fading to a midnight sparkle, earlier each evening it seems. Lessons learned from September find beauty in the changes of each season, and perhaps make each season of our lives more beautiful than the last?

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