Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In September

Gracefully, joyfully, colorfully....autumn enters our lives. September days full of the lingering warmth of summer. Crisp summer evenings, each one longer than the last...sweatshirt and wood fire evenings. Crickets, chirping loudly by noon, making the most of the last of their lives and straggling grasshoppers, singing strong as they jump from mum to mum. Fat brown squirrels, frantic in their race to store more food....maybe not a good sign of things to come? Colors deepen.....tree leaves turning from green to red, brilliant orange mums in my front yard, deep brown grasses and bright yellow sunflowers that greet me on my drive to work.....all more vibrant this month than last and kissed by the last of the summer sun. Scents of apples and cider and pumpkins....of wood smoke and harvest dust and corn husks. Simple joy abounds in the beauty of fall that surrounds us in September.

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