Saturday, September 22, 2007


Meet our backyard guest, Methuselah Monarch! One of a very special generation of butterflies, this beauty is blessed to have a life cycle that lasts longer than the average four to five weeks....a Methuselah amongst monarchs !
A member of a generation born only once a year, these delicate treasures survive seven or eight months. This gentle miracle also performs the incredible feat of flying from Canada and the United States to the center of Mexico...and back again, giving birth to their short-lived offspring (with four or five weeks to live), which continue making the trip north over several more generations. This miracle of migration is one of the great mysteries of life. How does he know when to leave and how to get where he's going? How does his offspring, born on the road, know where home is and how to get there, without parents to guide him? How does such a delicate creature survive such a journey? What simple joy can be found in the tiny monarch! Who'd have thought I'd be able to touch a miracle...and give it shelter in my own backyard!

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Hootin'Anni said...

What a gorgeous, GORGEOUS photo!!! I love what you wrote about the butterfly also. Very informative.