Saturday, October 27, 2007


We shape our lives with a circle of friends

Simple joy, found in a tiny mountain town on a Sunday morning. A reminder of the value of friends in my life....friendship and the joy that comes with it. A simple reminder of how friendship adds color to the it needs no it's created not with gifts given, but by memories shared. A reminder of how friendship isn't one big thing, but a million little things. A reminder of the sweetness, but fragility of friendship....about how it must be weeded and watered and cared for. A reminder of how friendship is a responsibility, not an friendship divides grief and multiplies joy . And mostly, a reminder of the friends in my life who know me, but love me anyway! So to Joe and Kim and MacKenzie and Jiri and Carol and Kathy and Jennifer and Rick and Donna and Pam and Brenda ...and the rest of the circle of friends that have shaped my life, thank you! Like the the friends in this simple joy I found, you lift me up!


Changes in the Wind said...

What a beautiful visual of something so precious. Thank you for sharing it.

Susy-q said...

I am honored to be included, and I consider YOU the best kind of friend ever. 10-Q Donna