Monday, October 22, 2007

Wings and wishes

Make a wish. Give it wings. Let it fly.

One of life's most simple joys is wishing. Early on an October morning, on a wandering road with no destination, we stood in the warmth of the sun and gazed at a wish given wings and set to flying. Some mornings are made for wishing....wishing for the wings to touch the clouds, the wings to taste the warmth of the sun, the wings to chase the raindrops and sniff them, the wings to change the course life set before us. A very accomplished artist in the hills behind Colorado Springs crafted those wings and set them adrift......and what a sight it was to encounter. Gleaming silver wings that spun silently, seeming to follow us in our travels. An unexpected miracle on an ordinary day for this weary band of travelers seeking to lighten their load and share some joy. A reminder for us, that wishing is proof that we are truly alive....that being alive means wishing, longing for the beautiful, the good in life ...and being able to recognize it when it crosses our path. What an unexpected gift we received in the sight of this simple joy in October!

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