Monday, November 05, 2007

The same but different...

You and I are woven of the same thread.
I just finished reading the blog of a good friend who wrote of the sameness in her world, and found myself thinking about how much I crave the "sameness" in mine. I don't want some things to change.... I surround myself in the treasures of times past.....a quilt hand stitched by my grandmother, a sugar well handed down from my great grandmother to my grandmother to my mother to me.....I wrap myself in a jacket once worn by my father.....I search for the turtle dove couple who have raised their family in my yard....I photograph the autumn blaze maple that guards my home, and dresses my world with seasonal color, pictures the same, but different. I brew the same coffee each morning....Starbucks Breakfast blend....and find it only tastes good in my favorite, same old coffee mug, complete with chips and stains. I look for the same shadows each evening, camera in hand....and bask in the sameness of a repeated "I love you" when the phone rings in late afternoon. I love the sameness of the changing seasons and the comfort of unpacking the same ornaments and placing them lovingly in their same spot, created through years of memories. I get up and go to the same job I've gone to for over 34 years, and though some days the politics and personalities get me down, ...the sameness of being a labor and delivery nurse brings me joy and fulfillment. I love the sameness of my old friends...and the sameness of learning to make new ones. I love trying to be the same kind of grandmother I had. I laugh at the sameness I'm finding when I look in the mirror and see my mother looking back! In the sameness of my life, I find refuge. I find belonging. I find peace. In the sameness of my life, I find simple joy.

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