Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Plant hope!

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another. The race is not always to the swift - but to those who keep on running!

Turning the boulders life throws at us into stepping stones requires strength and perseverance....and often daily! When the boulders seem huge....the strength we need can be found in the most delicate of sights. At the end of a very disappointing day, I found myself drawn to cool shadows of the garden....with bare feet on ancient brick, the soul soothing symphony of cicadas and crickets and an occasional out of rhythm frog in the background... watching the flicker of the fireflies as they danced to the garden music. What lessons to be found in the dusk of the day...such strength in the joy to be found there! In the purple of this late summer evening, I am reminded that hope was....hope is...hope will be again....hope floats...hope grows..hope is a light we keep inside where no one sees it...hope begins in the dark.....and sometimes the best we can do in a day is to plant hope..... and make stepping stones from the boulders life throws at you! To our children that today met head on with yet another boulder life tossed at them....plant hope.......decorate your life with the stepping stones you can chisel from each day....and keep running....the race will be yours!


Lady Di Tn said...

How I needed those words of hope today and yesterday. My son stepped in a hole yesterday while he was helping build a deck and torn something in his right knee. I guess you wonder WHY that is a big boulder. In 2004 in football practice his 2nd year of high school he planted his foot wrong and torn his paterrla 90 percent and MCl and ACL in the right knee. Dr. Elrod, the Titians doctor, had to perform 2 surgery in three months. He said it was the worse knee he had seen in someone so young and he could only compare it to one where a biker had run his knee into a tree. Nuf of my whining, I need to try to make stepping stones. Peace

Changes in the wind said...

Boulders to stepping stones......what a visual:)