Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Everyday Miracles....

In every ordinary day there are a thousand miracles.

On this very ordinary day, I found at least 300 my own backyard! For the third year in a row, these majestic monarchs have paused to rest and refuel in the shelter of our aging pine branches. Impossible to count, and easily disturbed, they are a miracle to watch as they hover and flitter and flurry. They jockey for position in the warmth of the setting sun, delicate stained glass wings fluttering, moving in waves as they startle with a gust of wind or the sounds of approaching danger. Today, I found joy with little searching. It whispered against my cheek and brushed it's wings in my hair. It left me speechless.....and reached deep in my soul, strummed a tune in my heart and fluttered away, leaving a trail of tears down my cheek. The miracle of this sight humbles me....the journey they undertake is beyond courageous. It's written before they're's their duty, their carry on. To navigate winds and weather and wilds, with no maps or hand held GPS to guide them! They fly to a place they've never been, with the knowledge that they'll never be back.......they lay their eggs and die....and leave a new generation to find their way back and do the same. These fragile sunbeams...sent to color my world for a few brief moments in September...radiate joy. They remind me that I too have those obligations written in my I flutter through my days. They are a gentle reminder to fill my life with color and leave behind joy....and mark the trail with memories for those that travel behind me! Fly on, beauties......I'm so lucky to have shared a few moments of your journey!


Lady Di Tn said...

Raining butterfiles would truly be a joy to see. How very blessed you happen to be to get to see such a sight. Peace

Donna said...

Excellent photo!