Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Colors of sunset....

One must wait until evening to know how splendid the day was.
Author Unknown

Though I'll never win one of life's big prizes.....a Pulitzer, an Oscar or the life is filled with simple gifts! I've threaded a fresh dug earthworm on a hook and giggled at the thrill of reeling in a catfish....roasted marshmallows in the glow of a full moon.....snagged the best parking spot in a crowded lot on a Saturday morning.....sipped wine from a vintage glass in front of a crackling fireplace......savored a home cooked meal with a friend....given the first bath to a tiny new granddaughter.....slow danced in a garage to the sounds of a favorite oldie...shivered in the cold for the feel of a snowflake on my tongue.....photographed the beauty of the Colorado aspens in October ....drank ice cold beer on a hot August afternoon to some toe tapping music on a downtown city street.....and sat in silence, bathed in the colors of the most glorious autumn sunset I can imagine, in my own back yard. It's in these simple moments of joy....these tiny details of life...that I've come to realize that the treasures in life are not found in the race we run for more, for bigger or for better....but are found in the simplest of moments where you know you're truly living.

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Lady Di Tn said...

This is what it is all about. The joys of our simply pleasures. Thanks for putting it so well in words. Love your flowers. Peace