Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In summer...

In summer, the song sings itself.

On late summer evenings, there is a symphony that plays in our garden. It begins with the sad, soulful song of the doves as they settle in, and builds with a whisper of wind as it sighs through the thick, green leaves of the poplar tree. A noisy cicada chorus drums the rhythm for the night, and the fireflies dance in perfect time to it. Even the flowers seem to move to the notes of this nightsong...nodding their fragrant heads at the cluster of butterflies and bees and moths that skip from bloom to bloom in the twilight. A simple symphony of joy in the backyard...all it takes is a chair and the time to enjoy it!


the garden harlot said...

i love the line you wrote below the photo. nature has such a way with giving verbs life sometimes. i also love the way butterfly bush blooms often smell like grape bubblegum, or a cousin to it.

make yourself an tomato & egg sandwich sometime and reminisce the good way !

Lady Di Tn said...

This scene is so familiar to us who enjoy a natural symphony of life. I still waiting for my coffee table book. This one would be a good opening but then again how will you top this. Thanks for sharing. Peace