Friday, February 04, 2011

At sunset...

A final burst of light and color. A diminishing glow on the horizon.
Encroaching darkness. Sunset signifies both a beginning and an end. 
Carpe diem.
(from the book True Colors)

Winter coat zipped, fingers toasty in mittens, scarf wrapped tight around my neck to keep the arctic temps at bay....I stood and watched the sunset over the white, frozen world we live in.  From the warmth of my rocker, quilt tucked around my legs, coffee close at hand and a good book dog eared in my lap , I almost talked myself out of going.  And what a sight I would have missed.  It's a magical moment indeed, that moment between daylight and night.  That moment the switch gets flipped and the color turns off.  But stand there I the silence of a winters evening, wispy strands of breath curling around my face with each exhale.  .  I stood in a  moment of silence for what was...and what was to come.   Happiness is surely found in learning to just be in that moment.

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