Saturday, August 20, 2011

what you’ve got to do…

there are so many people out there 
who will tell you that you can’t.   
What you’ve got to do is turn around
and say “watch me”.       
author unknown

The unplanned moments in life are often the best....and this unplanned photo, taken while wandering around Joe's garden , is all the proof I need.  With strength, determination, perseverance, grace and beauty...this chubby little caterpillar inched up that delicate flower stem.  It was windy, rain was coming and I was sure he couldn't do it.  He did.  He didn't have to turn around.  He had me watching.  Lessons in life...there for the taking, in the peace of Joe's garden.  Advice for my grandchildren, worth remembering....turn around, kids....tell the world to watch you!  


Changes in the wind said...

Great post...great lesson.

Lady Di Tn said...

Great photo and the words are so fitting with another inspiration gift. Thank you. Peace