Monday, October 01, 2012

A Place To Call Home

How beautifully leaves grow old. 
How full of light and color are their last days. ~John Burroughs

Simple joy lines the roadways of Nebraska  in volumes this October. Yellows and oranges and browns and reds and greens flutter in the breeze like beckoning fingers, welcoming us to this glorious season of change. Our days are filled with sunshine, football, baseball, the sweet taste of apples, and  chili bubbling on the back burner, (served steaming hot over Frito's and cheese).  Our lives are  covered with the fine dust of a long  hot, dry  summer which is now quickly becoming a memory. Our nights are chilly  and come served up with a few more hours of  darkness and an extra blanket on top!   We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of blessing number 12...... soon to join this ragtag band of warriors, some 1500 miles away in the Puget Sound.  We couldn't be more excited! And after much deliberation, I've decided this blended family of ours needs a place to find its stories. A place to share its triumphs and its successes and failures for the future. A place to share our dreams and our memories. A place to record the past and preserve it for those to come.  A place to share our   history, our pictures, our recipes, our love and  a laugh or two!   So, to baby # 12, a mere 2 weeks from joining this crazy crew........welcome to the family, little man! You are so loved already! To the friends and family that visit here.... read on, comment often!   Jump in with both feet and share your life with   those of us  scattered across this country.     And remember always, that no matter how long the journey or how winding the road.......we start ...and end.......with family!    

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Changes in the wind said...

Almost a whole year has past since your last post but I always checked and here you glad you are back.