Thursday, October 11, 2012

Choosing joy

While two grown men argue and smirk and lie their way through the precious moments of my October evening, I choose joy!   When a misinformed  manager stands before a hard working group of exhausted, overworked nurses and tells them that "Obamacare" is taking away their shift differential, sorry.....but I'm going to  choose joy! ( and I'm smart enough to see that this announcement came just before the election....wonder who they  want ME to vote for?).   When I am counting the change in my pocket to see if I can afford a cup of coffee on my way to work, while the amount of money being spent on this presidential campaign would feed a family of 4 for a year.....I WILL choose joy!     When the rich politician sits before me on national tv and tells me we need to send MORE of our young men and women to fight a war that isn't send MY SON for the fourth time in harms way, I CHOOSE JOY!   I also choose to stand up and say.....enough! This is enough!    I choose to turn off this tv and take a couple deep breaths and hope that I really didn't just hear him say that!    Maybe it's  time we ALL CHOOSE JOY!  And say ENOUGH to the nasty, negative battle politics has become!  Thank you, beautiful blue butterfly, for helping me to choose joy tonight........and on old movie,  over the outrage that MY tax dollars just paid for!  I choose joy.  

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