Monday, February 06, 2006

Crane Joy!

Just a few country miles off I 80, in late winter, with the car windows down and the heater on, you can hear the sounds of simple joy! Sandhill cranes, looking for lunch in last years cornfields, with the males doing their mating dances....just the sight of them will make you laugh with joy. The migration of these cranes is a miracle in itself, but nothing compares with the call of the birds. You can hear them before you see them...and as evening falls, you see hundreds of them settling into the riverbeds. The sight of hundreds and hundreds of cranes against the setting sun is a sight never to be forgotten...and you'll find many a photographer hidden in duck blinds and river shrubs, hoping for just that picture. On this winter afternoon, on a country road in Nebraska, in our little Honda with the heater on, the windows down and "oldies" on the radio, we found simple joy in a cornfield in the call and the dance of the sandhills cranes. Posted by Picasa

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