Thursday, January 11, 2007

Winter color

Red is my favorite color in winter! Seems as if all these little fellows know somethings about to change here. This morning, I found the pair of cardinals, two downy woodpeckers, a trio of blue jays singing loudly and a multitude of blackbirds, all feeding feverishly in the corn field beside our home. Maybe they too listened to the weather man last night? Or they're much better than us at listening to the signs of nature telling them to fill their bellies in preparation for the snowstorm barrelling down upon us! The sights and sounds of their early morning chatter made my step a little faster and my smile a little early morning simple joy in January!

1 comment:

Yankeetransplant said...

Ta-Da!! Your photos are gorgeous, as useual. I love what you have to say--brings all those memories to mo mind too!