Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Of butterflies and children....

"The butterfly counts not months but moments....and has time enough"

I spent a warm August evening watching our grandchildren chase this spectacular butterfly around the garden.....five small children, all pink faced, laughing, full of life.... and all hoping to be the one that could grasp those elusive wings first. A prize that eluded them ...and entertained them, for most of an hour. As I sat in the cool shadows of the evening, camera in hand, the butterfly landed on a purple phlox beside me, probably exhausted from the chase! The laughter, the beauty, the simple joy of this moment provided me with another in my long list of life's lessons....that perhaps by stopping our crazy pursuit for happiness in life, we find that it comes to rest on our shoulders? Today's simple joy lies in the laughter of small children and butterflies in my garden, and taking the time to enjoy both.....may yours be filled with the same!

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