Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Flea market memories...

Today, I learned that simple joy can be found in a hot summer day... in flea market the smell of cinnamon roasted almonds... in the sounds of the Shriner's calliope, followed by the rumblings from their tricked out Harley's... in the taste of raspberry snowcones, melted and licked off little the sight of two old men, bartering over the cost of a pump handle long past it's prime... in yellow sunflowers in vintage vases, show cased proudly in a well worn American Flag. Today, I learned that everyone..and everything has a story, if you take the time to listen. And somewhere in the middle of this ordinary day, I realized that simple joy is really in what you do with the stories that come your way each day. Today, I'm glad I took the time to stop...and listen. Wishing you a day filled with joy...and stories of your own to discover!

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