Monday, August 06, 2007

Yellow ribbons and young sons....

After a lengthy hiatus from this blog, I"m back! I'm so far behind in posting that it's hard to know where to's way past time to begin..and to quote a great man in my life, "you have to start those big jobs before you finish them!" So...tonight, I jump back in.

One month ago today, we spent the evening tying yellow ribbons around most of the trees in our yard. Badly in need of some simple joy on that day, the sight of that bright yellow ribbon waving in the summer winds came through for us. Our youngest son left that day, from an East coast port, deployed for the second time to the Middle East in support of the global war on terrorism. Joy that day came from the simple act of wrapping that ribbon around a piece of home, to show support for a young son who is putting his life on the line to protect and serve our country, our freedom and the freedom of others. We snapped pictures and sent them flying across the world to show him that he mattered, and that each and every day we think of him. This is not a pro or anti - war statement. This is a Mom and a Dad telling the world that their child, now standing in harms way, is remembered....and thanked for a job well done. Smooth seas, Kevin...and come home safely to us.

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