Friday, August 10, 2007

Montana Mornings....

Have you ever rounded a bend in the road only to find beauty that takes your breath away? Our simple joy on this hot July day in Montana was a stop at the most beautiful spot in Glacier National Park. With fresh baked bread from the Wheat Montana Deli and a bottle of ice cold water, and nothing but time on our hands, we settled down at a picnic spot to enjoy the sights and sounds, and rest awhile on our journey. On this day, I learned the fine art of skipping stones, heard my first lonely loon call, sat for a while with my feet in the crystal clear water of this fast receding glacier, and felt a peace wash over my soul that hadn't been there for a long, long time. For three long hours that afternoon, we laughed and talked and watched an eagle soar above us. For three beautiful hours, work and life and the high cost of gas to get there didn't matter. And even now, looking back , it seems so easy to see what really does. This is what life should be....two friends sharing time and beauty and nature and finding simple joy in their travels through life.

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