Sunday, August 12, 2007

Baad to the bone...

Another bend in the road that opened to a simple joy that left us laughing! Just because a paved road found it's way through their country, our only "close up" wildlife didn't let it stop them...or speed them up one bit! We made it to the summit of Going To The Sun road, through the heart of Glacier National Park....a road that had opened just one short week before we arrived. As we rounded the final sharp bend in that road, bumper to bumper traffic came to a quick halt, as this family of wild mountain goats meandered out onto the pavement, and then decided to explore what the pavement had to offer them. Finding little munching opportunities on that hot and pitted pavement, they soon changed their direction and marched single file straight up to where we were standing. Probably from years of handouts, our only encounter with wildlife seemed to have been humanized, and passed within inches of us, never pausing to lift a head or blink an eye. Five goats in total, single file, we had just come face to horns with yet another family on vacation in this paradise tucked away in the northwest corner of Montana! Wonder if they made it down to that little candy store in St. Mary that we found later that day? Simple joy in the mountains of Montana that we'll remember forever...if you see them, tell them we said "hey"!

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