Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In Search of Joy....

Vacations are God's way of showing us the road to simple joys, if we slow down and look around us. Some vacations bring us back refreshed and motivated, with new roads to explore and choices before us....some dump us back home, exhausted, in the midst of a pile of dirty laundry and too many miles covered in too short a time. This summer vacation, a wandering half planned road trip, gave us the time to take stock of our lives, reevaluate our dreams and made peace with roads not taken and map out new roads to travel. Starting each day with hot coffee , talking with the locals to seek out the "off the beaten path" places, tasting the best pie on the planet, eating fresh walleye and Minnesota wild rice and sneaking into a Montana wheat field like two young kids to taste the ripe wheat growing there (a simple joy all by itself!) We ventured into Canada twice on this trip, and both times found country that left us breathless, and ready to return for more exploring. Now, one month later, I look at these pictures and still feel that peace seep over me as I remember the sights, the laughs, the tastes, the simple joys we found in the summer of 2007. I fully realize how lucky I am...and for that , I am grateful.

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