Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Color Purple

Simple joy from our garden today...purple coneflowers, framed by lambs ear in full purple bloom. Beauty, despite 100 degree temps and weeks without rain, standing tall in our front yard. Royal purple, a color of aristocracy and spirituality, a mysterious mix of warm red and cool blue, waving like welcoming hands at the end of a long day, color that boosts imagination or stimulates creativity. Purple, the color of mourning in Thailand, the favorite color of kings and queens and the sweetest little three year old girl we know! (But she calls it burple!) Purple, the color of the highest medal awarded to our soldiers wounded in battle, mixed amongst the yellow ribbons that still decorate our trees. Purple stimulates peace of mind and is used for meditation. Purple is special and unique. Purple refuses to blend in with others. Once again I find a lesson in life from this simple joy...a lesson from the color purple telling me that we are all one of kind, special and unique. A lesson telling me to spend less time conforming and more time letting my color shine! Today, I think I'll shine purple!

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