Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Roots and wind...

The roots grow deep
when the winds blow strong!
Here, in the heart of wind country, this little guy's roots have grown deep...and wrapped themselves right around our hearts! What simple joy there was in the sight of Gus turning his face to the wind on this crisp September morning! More life lessons from the simple joys in my life.....lessons learned from this dog:
* When your happy, dance around and wag your whole body!
*Find joy in the simple things like a long walk!
*Eat with gusto, but stop when you've had enough!
*If you want what lies buried, dig 'til you find it!
*When someone is having a bad day, sit close and nuzzle them!
*Allow the experience of fresh air and wind in your face to be pure joy!
(author unknown)
Gus is one of our simple joys in life. He's always there with his funny bark, running to welcome us home. He can tell you when it's 8 PM, as he gives a little "wuff" and sits square in front of the treat cabinet, patiently waiting. He sings along loudly to tunes from the 50's and 60"s and when anyone mentions "truck ride", he comes to full attention from a deep sleep, barking wildly until he gets that ride in the truck. When the days are long and dark, he's a ray of sun that shines on our faces (usually accompanied by a lick or two!). He expresses more in minutes with the wag of his tail than I can in hour...even with a typewriter! For a daily dose of simple joy of your own, consider a four legged furry teacher just like Gus!

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