Thursday, September 06, 2007

Simple Sundays.....

Sundays.....quiet islands on the tossing seas of life.

Sunday drives are some of my favorite simple joys. Taking off with a cup of coffee and a map, no destination in mind, music soft in the background and the joy of each other's company. Unplanned stops, unscheduled hours, unseen sights, snapshot moments, a day full of spontaneity and simple pleasures. An ice cold beer in the heat of the afternoon, a bend in the road that brings into view a sight that takes your breath away and makes you laugh....and dream. This was the sight we found this summer on a Sunday that set us to dreaming about what life could be, if we'd just take a chance. Simple Sunday's make the wear and tear of the work week fall away, lift the burdens of the world from your shoulders and bring a sigh to your soul. May your life be filled with many simple Sundays!

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