Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Time rushes by, yet simple joys remind us of what is truly important.

At dusk on a November evening...just before color fades to black....you'll find plenty of simple joy. Simple joy in the crisp night air...in the rustle of the few remaining leaves as the last winds of fall send them tumbling end over end.....in the colors of brown and gold and purple and occasional green, rich in depth, luminous in the moments that shimmer between sunset and full moonlight. Simple joy that makes you stand in awe for a moment, in the silence at the end of another day....grateful for the chance to have had one more day.....and full of anticipation for the chance to do it again tomorrow!


Joyce said...

What a breath taking picture. I had seen signs like this but had not thought of the simple joy of it. I will take a longer look the next time and just praise God for all his beauty.

Petunia said...

Interesting to know.