Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Happiness is like jam...when you spread it, it gets all over the place!

Simple joy lies outside my kitchen window! Joy in the changing in the sounds of planting and smell of fresh turned in the sight of tiny green leaves bursting through the rich black soil that grows in the shelter and privacy that corn stalks bring as they reach shoulder high by the 4th of July in these parts! Joy in the season of harvest....the smells and sights and colors. Laughter in the sight of brown bushy squirrels, scurrying across the fields with corn in their mouths, tiny mounds of dirt in the most unusual places in preparation for winter. And today, joy in the remains of the season .....colors of rich golds and browns....anticipation in the air, a crispness that warns of the coming of snow....the smell of a fresh pot of chili on the stove... Life is so much easier if you choose to be love the things in your life that surround you....may you look for the happiness in the simple joys in your life and spread them around! The world could use a smile!

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