Monday, November 12, 2007

On Veterans Day.....

To all my family and friends who are...or have served this great nation, I thank you for your service and sacrifice.
The title "Veteran" must be earned. It is given by a grateful country to the mothers, fathers, sons, husbands, grandparents, uncles, aunts...the farmers, the nurses, the business owners, the teachers, the famous and the not so those who loved this country enough to put on the uniform and stand up to protect our freedoms. Today, in a kindergarten classroom in the Midwest, a teacher taught her students just how important our Veteran's are. Each child invited a Veteran to come to share their stories about their branch of service, the job they did (or do) , and what made them choose to do what they did. The children served their guests of honor cookies and listened attentively while the teacher read them a book about Veterans and what a difference they make in our lives. Our grandson, Cameron, choose to invite his Grandpa Joe....and stood proudly beside him at the front of the classroom, listening to Grandpa's stories about the Army in 1969, and what it meant to his life...and Grandpa's. What a lesson Cameron learned today, about respect and honor and courage and pride. What a gift Grandpa received today, in the simple thank yous from a classroom of sincere and very impressed young citizens. He'll tell you how proud it made him feel to be able to stand up there and look around him at the freedoms he helped to protect. That is one teacher....and one Veteran...and a special group of impressed and educated 5 year old children that should be proud of their contribution to this very special day. I salute them all!

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Changes in the Wind said...

If only this was the scene in every school. We would see such a difference in our young people and our country. I salute with you but also to the teacher who has dared to go against the flow and allow such an awesome scene in her classroom!