Saturday, November 10, 2007

A time and a season....

In every flower see a miracle. With every year, seek more flowers.

Nothing steals your heart like the days of Indian summer. Bittersweet days....mellow days, now the colors of brown and gold and glowing purple. Ripe days... where the sun is warm and the shadows are cool. Brilliant days... filled with the bright colors of autumn that quickly fade in the early evening shade. Days filled with simple joys and small miracles. Days tucked between summer and winter, coming and going as they please with no warning and no guarantees on how long they'll stay. Days filled with tiny gifts from nature that are worth their weight in gold. Calm, peaceful days with time for enjoying the fruits of the season...and planting the bulbs for the spring. Days of steaming soups and spiced teas and pumpkin pies and cornbread.....(and when no one's around, the first sweet sounds of Christmas music in the kitchen!) Days that speak in sights and sounds and scents what we've learned in verse and song..."For everything there is a time and a season." But....whether it be age old words from the Bible...or the classic music of Pete one's bothered to tell it to this valiant little purple bloom in my own backyard!

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