Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In search of winter joy...

The happy person is the one who finds occasions for joy at every step. He does not have to look for them, he just finds them.
Sunday afternoon drives provide the best simple joys! On this sunny day in January, we ventured out for a drive in the country. A January day crisp and clear, with a cloudless blue sky .....a sky you could only call azure....a sky you could almost see your words freeze in as they floated out the exhaled air that crossed your winter chapped lips! A short break from the harshness of winter that brought us joy with very little looking. Joy in the colors of winter...the browns and grays and whites and blues. Joy in the warmth of the heater in our little truck that warmed our fingers and toes after hopping out for yet another picture! Joy in the sounds of songs from the 50's and 60's that played, as we sang along....slightly off key, but loud! And joy in the long silence as we turned down the volume, rolled down the windows, turned up the heater and listened to sounds of winter. May your lives be filled with joy you never have to look for!

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Changes in the wind said...

Your posts always pulls the strings of my heart and stirs a hidden yearning:)