Sunday, June 29, 2008


We fool ourselves sometimes into thinking that life is more complicated... or confusing... or mysterious... than it really is!
Author Unknown
In the shadows of one of the most glorious days of summer....more lessons from the simple joys in life!
*don't believe all you hear, spend all
you have...or sleep all you want!
*never laugh at any one's dreams!
*don't judge people by their relatives...
life is full of "relative humidity"!
*spend some time alone!
*open your arms to change,
but don't let go of your values!
*once a year, go someplace you've
never been before!
*learn when to say no...when to say
yes..and when to say "whoopee"!
*being young is beautiful...but being
old is comfortable!
*nobody cares if you dance well
just get up and dance!
My mother had the best advice for life......short and sweet, typed with her one finger "hunt and peck" , cut and taped to her computer monitor....advice she read, and laughed at...everyday. Somehow, I've forgotten to take a look at that tiny yellowed treasure....and let life get in the way of my best intentions. I've let worry give the small things in life one big shadow. Today....I"ll take a step into the sunshine...and remember that wisdom on that little sheet of paper .....advice that tells me.....if you don't love it, live without it.....don't be afraid of your passion.."be" instead of "do".....don't forget to breathe deeply......laughter is music for your soul, sing out!.....don't confuse your work with your life......and never take a laxative and sleeping pill together! Good advice, Ruth....time I started listening!! (thanks to those who've missed these daily ramblings......I'm back!)


Changes in the wind said...

Yahooooooo!!!!!! and in prime as well....great post, my needed uplift:) Love the picture too....simple, beautiful and with the shadings of a past.

Lady Di Tn said...

THANKS I HAVE BEEN NEEDING SOMEONE TO TELL ME THIS. Your Mother was a wise woman and one we should emulate.
I have truly Missed these daily doses of wisdom.
Would you mind if I copied the advise down and posted it by my computer?

B said...

My mother would be pleased! You go, girl! B