Saturday, July 19, 2008

Evening joy...

A key life skill is the ability to see Beauty where it is
and not where you want it to be,where you hoped it would be,
or where your parents told you it would be.
Laura Teresa Marque
In search of joy one evening, at the end of yet another 16 hour workday.....I found a reminder that life really does give more to those who can see the beauty and value in what we've been given! I find peace, at the end of an exhausting tour of duty, by grabbing a glass of fresh brewed tea and setting off bare foot to let the sights and sounds of nature heal...and refresh me. I am blessed in so many ways...but so blessed to have a soul mate on this journey through life...a best friend that travels each day with me, sharing the ups and downs....smoothing the path in so many little ways....none more beautiful than the paradise he has created on these two little acres we call home! On this mid summer evening I stood on the cool bricks that line a path meandering through our little garden, camera in hand........watching the purple and pink and white flox bobbing in the light evening wind...and heard the hum of insect wings...feeling the slight breeze as a pair of the most beautiful hummingbird moths buzzed my hair and flitted from bloom to bloom. As I stood there, enjoying the sleepy sounds of evening, watching the magical flight of these delicate beauties....I found myself reminded that simple joy is in seeing the beauty of the life I've been given. What a gift for a weary traveler on road of life...on the wings of a hummingbird moth!

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Lady Di Tn said...

I have never seen a hummingbird moth and enjoyed the photo but the beautiful words that go with the photo, made my heart sing. Peace