Wednesday, July 09, 2008

One mans trash......

Everything has beauty,
but not everyone sees it.

Today was a day for looking a little harder for the simple joys in life.......and for remembering that life isn't always about being happy...but about finding that happiness in the ordinary. I've found that most simple joys in life are found deep in the ordinary....drinking coffee each morning from a cup handed down generations, painted roses worn pale.....the comfort of my well worn birks, resoled three times over....the comfort of a creaking yard swing that sits in the shade of a hot summer afternoon....the sight of deep red roses growing wildly off a hand made trellis, knowing they continue from a root over 100 years old. Beauty in the ordinary......the sight of 7 pm on the clock at the end of a long work day (even though so many of them have extended to 11 lately!).....the crunch of the tires on the gravel on the last stretch of my journey home....fresh brewed ice tea and the bark of a trusted friend to welcome me home. In our yard, simple joy blooms in the ordinary! Deep purple blooms and lacy asparagus ferns spilling down the sides of a well worn, discarded cast iron treasure......rescued and resurrected in our front yard..(power washed and most dents banged out with our trusty hammer!) ...a thing of beauty for all to see....proof that everything...and everyone....has beauty....just not everyone sees it!


Lady Di Tn said...

Absolutely refreshing to come and read those words of wisdom. Thanks I have been toying with put flowers in this acient grill we have and now I can see it is a good thing to do.
I always feel uplifted from your writings. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Peace

Rinkly Rimes said...

Yes, you certainly have an uplifting approach. I love your flowers blooming in a garbage can. And I love the quote about a smile being the source of the joy. I am a firm believer in the mind over matter principal, not in a metaphtsical sense but as regards us all being responsible for our own moods to a certain extent. Which is a roundabout way of introducing myself......

I am an Australian Grandmother (of three boys) and I've just started Blogging. My blog is called Rinkly Rimes and it is a journal of jotttings all in rhyme.

Have a look.


Changes in the wind said...

What's the old saying.....What is one man's garbage is another man's treasure?
Another great post:)