Tuesday, August 19, 2008

golden moments...

Life is lived in moments.
Savor the memories and the joys they offer life
Cheryl Overton
My life has been a dirt road journey strewn with golden moments.....some of which I never stopped to appreciate. On this warm late summer evening, I stood ...garden wand in hand, midway between frustration and relaxation.....feeling the weight of the day lift with the gentle rhythm of the locusts and the sounds of rain from the ancient wand I carried. In the twilight of this day....at the end of a pathway illuminated by soft landscape lighting, stood a golden moment waiting.....a simple joy to light my way ....with a soft evening glow around it that seemed to whisper....grab your camera....savor this moment... let the magic of this moment lighten your load..and ease your journey. I knelt there, camera in hand....., bare feet tickled by drops of water from a now discarded wand....with only the sounds of nature and the familiar whirr of my little Nikon shutter button...and was reminded of the thousand other golden moments that decorate my life. Golden joy filled moments....the way your heart races and your stomach contorts with the first kiss from the young man you know you'll love forever.....the swell of emotion as the music rises from the organ and fills the church with Pachelbel as you slowly make your way down an isle towards a future.....the promise to be found in morning sickness...and the trickle of a tear that slips from your soul with the first cry from a newborn baby. (a joy I"ve never found to grow old...it still makes me cry!). Golden moments like the unexpected sight of a long stemmed yellow rose on your windshield at the end of a long day...the first time you stood, bare toes wiggling in the sand, on a rugged Oregon shore and gazed at an ocean you'd only dreamed about.....the sounds of laughter as your grandchildren race to be the first to kiss you. Golden moments, full of pain that bring joy only in the memories.....sounds and sights you'll never forget...that shape your days and haunt your nights. Moments of endings...and new beginnings.....roads you didn't' take...and roads you did...but wish you hadn't! Life could be so much smoother if there were road signs that marked the way. ...directions that pointed out the moments I might be missing......but there is such simple joy in navigating the potholes ....searching for the golden moments on the rough roads....and sharing the journey with family and friends. I find I like life without a road map....each new day becomes a new adventure filled with possibilities....and more golden moments. (Thanks, Joe...for providing the beautiful yellow rose for my golden moment today....you are the gardener to my soul!)


Lady Di Tn said...

That first thought got me and so well said. I just love the way you describe moments in life. Thanks for sharing and the yellow rose is beautiful. I am thankful each day when I find a new post. I still say you should put this in a book. I would love to pick it up and thumb through all the delightful thoughts you have shared with us. Peace

PJ said...

Yes. Here's for golden moments!! Every day.