Sunday, August 17, 2008

The story of Sam....

Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love.

Stories are moments filled with simple joy. Telling stories...passing the torch from generation to an art form that is fast loosing it's popularity. Telling this a torch that still burns brightly. Meet Sam....a seagull that roams from coast to coast. stopping midway across the country to entertain our grandchildren! (or so they think!) I first met Sam on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach....on my first solo trip 1500 miles across country to deliver a car to our son in the military. (yes, know I'm talking about you!) Sam the Seagull was my constant companion on that lonely March trip...photographed frequently and fed daily from a McDonald's take out bag on my whirlwind trip that included several rain filled ocean walks. Three little grandchildren didn't care than Grandma was left without a vehicle, one block from the ocean...and filled her spare time there walking in the rain and conversing with a seagull she named Sam. They cared only that Sam was in most of the pictures she took......and assumed that each seagull they saw after that was either Sam...or one of his close relatives. They laughed with delight on a weekday visit to a local recreational lake when Sam appeared bobbing on a buoy inches away from our boat......and they shouted and chased Sam and his relatives on an early June return visit to the coast of Virginia this summer, their Mom in tow.....shouting for us to get yet another photo of Sam...and his many cousins that inhabit the beaches of Virginia. The tales of Sam...and his travels have grown over the four years since his first sighting. Sam has since been spotted...and photographed...on the rugged coast of Oregon, diving for fish in Glacier National Park, buzzing the tourists on the shores of a sandy beach in Waterton Lakes in Canada, circling the sailboats at Branched oak in Nebraska and stealing popcorn from the hands of children at Sea World in San Diego! How I hate to think of the day that the stories of Sam and his travels loose their magic. I wish for these little children a life colored with glorious stories... a life filled the simple joys to be found in stories......passed with laughter from Grandmother to grandchild...generation to generation....photographed, recorded, embellished, shared.... and treasured for years to come. Fly on Sam....the world needs dreamers like you!

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Lady Di Tn said...

Glad to hear story telling is still alive and well with your clan. Next time I see Sam, I get a picture. Peace