Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's B Week!

Do not the most moving moments of our lives find us without words?
Marcel Marceau
This was one of those brief, but perfect moments....a moment untouched by time.....on a day filled with the magic of everyday moments and simple joys. With her two older brothers in school...and hours to fill...our young grandaughter has been enrolled in her mother's basement preschool. Each week of the calendar has been labeled and stickered...and to celebrate the conclusion of "B" week, Grandma Billie set off with the school girls to explore the Butterfly Pavilion at a nearby in hand, of course, to capture the moments in photos. The Butterfly to the zoo this year....was a joy filled journey indeed. We stepped through the glass sliding doors, listened to a few minutes of simple rules to be followed during our visit...and stepped through a second set of sliding doors into a virtual paradise. A cocoon of a room itself, filled with lush plants and the trickle of numerous waterfalls...the room exploded with colors and sights and scents and sounds. Butterflies so large that the sight of them took my breath away.....and left me speechless, and for a few moments...unable to remember that I held a camera in my hand! We stood in silence, senses bombarded with simple joy, listening to the whisper of butterfly wings as they danced from fruit to flower to leaf, lingering for a few moments in the hair of our preschool princess! I've gathered many moments in my life, but on this sunny September morning in a building bursting with joy , I was reminded that the moments of happiness we most enjoy often take us by surprise, and are best shared with those we love....and that time is never wasted when a memory is made! To the staff and student of the Princess Preschool, I say....can we add another "B" week to the calendar?


Changes in the wind said...

I have had the opportunity to visit such a place and it indeed is a wonder..............

Lady Di Tn said...

I have not gotten to experience such a treasured time. I would have forgotten I had a camera also with what you described. Peace