Sunday, September 21, 2008

September Gold

There are moments of pure joy when the harvest begins and ripened nature shouts in gold.
Author Unknown
There are golden moments to be found in the joy filled days of September. Golden moments that weave themselves around the burlap moments in my life...and color it with joy. Moments filled with joys so tiny they pass unnoticed....and moments filled with nothing but joy...true golden moments. These are the days of my September...crisp, cool "off work" mornings just made for apple orchards and butterfly pavilions and favorite old sweaters and just one more cup of coffee. Golden joy filled days that fly by, filled with school fundraisers and football games and grandchildren visits and long, busy work days that now begin and end in the dark. September bursts with these ordinary joy filled days.... and mixes in burlap days where joy lies buried in the moments.....moments that make me dig a little deeper...look a little longer ....for the golden threads I know are hidden there. In the glow of these golden September days, I linger a little longer at the sight of a late blooming mum....try a little harder to photograph the colors in an autumn sunset...cheer a little louder at a midget football game....enjoy the crisp tart crunch from one more "Fancy Nancy" just one more time to a tiny pink princess tucked tight in my lap.....and remember to cherish each of these golden moments in life!

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Lady Di Tn said...

how very true your words show we must find all the joys of simple things. Even cutting trees that have fallen across a farm road. Peace