Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flowers grow out of dark moments.

Corita Kent

Summer mornings are filled with simple joys! On this cool summer morning, I found myself surrounded by them. As I sipped my morning coffee , I listened to a pair of blue jays...their voices just as dramatic as their brilliant color. Much like little school boys , they shouted and whistled good morning, excited to begin another day. I smiled at the pair of red birds with their clear, strong whistles, greeting the morning with a melody clearly singing...."what cheer, what cheer". Back lit by the rays of the rising sun stands the most perfect rosebud....nicknamed the "MacKenzie" rose by a proud Grandpa for his adoring baby strains towards the sun, held gently in the arms of a handmade trellis. I listened as the breeze.... waking slowly with the sunrise ....rustles the tassels of the ten foot tall corn that reaches like tiny fingers for the brilliant blue sky. In the last moments of sunrise....just before the sun burns away the haze of night...with dew damp blades of grass tickling my bare feet and wetting the hem of my favorite old nightgown....I stand in silence.....thankful for the simple joys in my life.


Changes in the wind said...

Very beautiful....glad you are back.

Lady Di Tn said...

Sounds like one of my mornings in TN except for the corn russling. Being a diabetic I always wear shoes those bare feet days are gone. Lucky you. Peace