Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter color...

Winter Hues
by Douglas Florian

Winter has to pick and choose.
The clothes she wears
Are few in hues:
A raw sienna,
A dark burnt umber,
Some yellow ochres
Scant in number,
Steel gray day,
Navy night,
And winter white
And winter white.

It's a winter white world outside my back door!  Pine cones covered in soft  white snowy quilts , nestled on  thick green  branches....icicles sparkling from the rooftops....winter brown grasses waving their plumes above thigh high drifts.  There's joy to be found in the colors of winter.....the browns and the greens ...the whites and the grays. In the splashes of red birds and the blue of the jays.   May your winter days be filled with color also!


Changes in the wind said...

Amazing how the colors stand out against the pure white...

Anonymous said...

Where, oh, where do you find all your wonderful quotes and poems? I just LOVE that poem! And your own prose is as lovely as your photos. I'm thankful that you take the time to blog.