Friday, February 19, 2010

some days...

Some days the road is lit and the way is easy,
other days the path is dark and the going rough.
Fear no darkness, be the lighthouse.
Steve Coffing

Spending a bit of Sunday together in the mountain air with the sun on our faces, we rounded a corner to a welcoming sight.   A sort of natural Inuksuk, it stood proud and strong on the mountain, a stone lighthouse.....telling us we were on the right road..that someone had walked it before us.    On another journey into Canada, these stone figures had fascinated us....we spent hours seeking...and finding them, learning about their history..about the messages they delivered, the light they shed on the past...the messages they sent to the future.  It was an unexpected bit of joy we found in the sunshine on this February day....captured in a photograph....a reminder in stone to be the lighthouse mark the light the spend our days days living, not just working to make a living.  Mountain trips never disappoint me!


Lady Di Tn said...

This gives one pause for thought. Peace

susyq said...

When we went to the Grand Canyon, we saw so many of these just appearing out of the landscape and it sure makes you wonder how the world moved during the great flood to affect the floor of the world! Amazing picture, and the lighting in the other one makes you see the "face" in it. You are so good at this!!