Wednesday, February 09, 2011

in the cold...

in the cold you wrap me. in my uncertainty you listen.
in all my joys you celebrate.
at every turn you meet me with competence and grace.
 what a fine dance we have together.
Mary Ann Radmacher

Coming home.  No sweeter words exist.  And  what started as a carpool of necessity, has now become 30 minutes of "us".  30 minutes I cherish.  30 minutes to listen...and to celebrate.  Holding hands in the warmth of our little black truck... the XM tuned to 60's on 6, these two weary warriors journey home,  sharing  the goods and the bads, the funny and sads of their day.   Sometimes the words spill quickly, laced with laughter....and sometimes the quiet wraps itself around us like an old quilt, soothing  the racing heartbeats of another crazy day.  Let it snow.  Let that wind blow. I know you'll get me where we're going.  What a beautiful dance, this life we've made.    (And you told me you didn't know how to dance, Joe!)

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