Monday, February 14, 2011

my story...

"you are the laughter at the end of my story. you are the applause which welcomes my performance. you are the ribbon and wrap on the finest gifts of my life. loving you is the exclamation point on the sentence of my days! "
Mary Ann Radmacher

This life of ours  is our story. happy.  sad.  sometimes lots of sad.  but always, you.  holding my hand.  wiping my tears.  fixing my car.  walking my dog.  rocking my grandbabies.  fixing my favorite old rocking chair, 27 times.    telling me jokes.  making me pancakes at midnight.  always you.  a story of love.  and trust.  and joy.  a story of family.  first.  always first.  a story that started so many, many years ago.  and lasts forever.  a story written in the hearts of all eleven grandchildren, scattered from coast to coast.  a story of friendship.  of respect.   a  story of growing old together.  looking at each other and still seeing two thirteen  year old children.  (maybe a story of needing new glasses?)  but still loving what we're seeing.  You are my favorite valentine.  my happy ending.  my story.


Tori said...

the love you two share is beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

Billie, wish I could say words like you. Joe is a great partner, and a lucky man.