Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We all see angels; if we never recognize them, it is because they come in ways we don't expect.

This was a day filled with unexpected simple joys......the sight of a falling star, a brilliant streak of white that crossed my path early in the morning......pure joy on the faces of a new mom and dad as they listened to the music filled first cry of their newborn son...and simple joy in watching the antics of this furry little angel we call Gus. He races the length of the driveway, throwing flakes of snow behind him. He buries his nose deep in a bank of the fresh white snow and runs blindly in circles, nose deep, tail wagging, fur flying. He makes me remember how much joy could be found on a snowy afternoon as a child, doing just such crazy things with my three brothers. And for just a few moments, he makes me want to throw myself down beside him and make a snow angel of my own! Today, I've been blessed with angels around me......may you take a few moments to find your own.

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