Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter sunsets

At the end of a winters day full of frosty fingers, red noses , aching backs and snow filled boots....right before the fading light turns off the color in the world...we found a simple joy that warmed our weary souls. We had loaded up our little Sheltie, tuned in oldies on the XM and warmed up the Ford truck for a cruise around a local lake, one of our favorite Sunday afternoon drives. And at the end of the snow and the wind and the frostbiting temperatures, the setting sun peeked out from the clouds and smiled on the earth for just a few minutes....and what a glorious sight it was! Just that few minutes showed us colors untouched by the changing seasons. The mighty oak trees, holding tight to their leaves and shining bright in the sunset colors. Crimson winter berries, splashing brilliantly against their fresh coat of white. Graceful weeping willows, bent against the wind like old men, but standing strong and glowing in the winter sunset. Beauty that would have gone unseen but for finding the time to search for some simple joy today. I do give thanks for what I was privileged to see today.
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