Friday, February 16, 2007

Joy in the journey

Finding joy in my journey is often hard in winter. It would be so much easier to moan about the cold, to groan about the snow, to stay inside and spend my day wishing and hoping for spring. my search for simple joy, camera in hand, I stopped along the dirt road to enjoy the journey home on this early February morning. And joy I found. A glorious sunrise....short but brilliant. Soon to be followed by wind gusts and drifting snow and slick roads and even more trips down the driveway with the snow blower. A simple joy, so easily missed, if I'd buried my head in the depths of winter and forgot to enjoy the little moments of the day. Throughout this day of frosted fingers and toes, I often found myself smiling at just the memory of what I stopped to look at. May you find a moment of simple joy in your bleak winter days too!

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