Monday, February 12, 2007

Private Season

Just walked out the back door,slipped on the top step and ended up 3 steps down, with a bruised ego and rear end! Ice that is proceeding yet another snow storm headed this way...but what can a tough old Nebraskan do but head to the store along with hundreds of others for milk and bread and coffee and juice,...and then back to the chair with a blanket and a book! What is it about Nebraskans that send them packing to the grocery store for the dumbest things with the first mention of bad weather headed their direction? And....I can't even drink milk anymore...old age has caught up to me there too! So....instead, today I"ll just make a loaf of bread here, put on another pot of local coffee house blend and maybe skip picking up another virus or two from the frenzied crowd of mothers and coughing little children in tow! I've decided that winter serves one huge purpose, if you chose to accept it. It's a season of privacy.....only in winter, tucked way out in the country, can you truly revel in yourself on these long snowfilled days. In these simple joys I find in nature, there is a peace that wraps itself around my heart and gives me strength and purpose. In these simple sights and sounds I know there lies a beauty hidden deep, resting, waiting for the warmth of the sun and the change of another season. As there is in me. So..on this day in February, you'll find me wrapped in my favorite cable knit sweater, my wool socks on my forever freezing feet with my current book in hand, dozing and daydreaming away this winter, waiting for the next season, enjoying the company of myself! May your winter day be filled with such simple joy also!

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