Friday, February 23, 2007

Right out of nowhere!

In the middle of an ordinary day, simple joys collided with me..right out of nowhere! First in the glorious sight of these hand carved eagles, standing proud in what feels like gale force winds. Intricate details, from the pride in their eyes, to the confidence in their pose and the beauty in the curl of each carved feather in their wings. What a talent this artist has. What an unusual find in the middle of nowhere. What a perfect use for trees that were damaged by progress. And next, in the sights and sounds of an also unexpected find.....two little children running full throttle down the isle at a local department store, yelling "Grandma" at the top of their lungs! Who knew that an unplanned stop to find new socks without holes before the next snow storm would lead to such joy.....hugs and kisses and a shared order of french fries with ranch to dip them in! Is there any greater joy than I found today? May your day also be filled with eagles and hugs and french fries of your own!

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